March 18, 2018
Become StrongHer Conference 2018, University of Florida
Keynote speaker Amy Lam, presented by APIA Affairs and Kappa Phi Lambda at UF. 

February 2, 2018
Violet Valley Bookstore Opening, Water Valley, Mississippi
Celebrating the grand opening of queer feminist bookshop with Sarah Sgro, Amy Lam, Julian Randall, and Lara Avery. 

August 9, 2017
Whitenoise // De-Canon: A Visibility Project, Portland, Oregon
The Whitenoise project is a reading and discussion series aiming to center voices from underrepesented communities, featured at the UNA Gallery. Readers: Amy Lam, Alyssa Ogi, Consuelo Wise, Rachel Springer

February 11, 2017
AWP Conference, Washington D.C.
When Safe Spaces Aren’t: (Re)Imagining for a Multicultural Creative Space 
Panel with Alyss Dixson, Jennifer Baker, Amy Lam, Metta Sama. The term safe space has become the new buzzword for nurturing or supporting. This panel will describe how structural bias and inequity can mask the architecture of Whiteness by unpacking the term and decoding the cultural ideologies underpinning these spaces. It will seek to help writers of color and allies (re-)imagine multicultural creative spaces. 

December 6, 2016
Broken English IV, Oxford, Mississippi
Poetry by Jennifer Franny Key & prose by Amy Lam

November 4, 2016
LitCrawl x PCoC presents: In/Visible, Portland, Oregon
Hosted by Jenna Marie Fletcher, with appearances & space-taking & melanin & visibility by: Amy Lam, Anna Vo, Jamondria Marnice Harris, Julian Smuggles, and Kalimah Abioto

May 29, 2016
À Reading, Portland, Oregon
Performances by Amy Lam, Jamondria Marnice Harris, A.M. O'Malley, Elizabeth Hall, and Robert Torres.

February 19, 2015
Margin Shift, Seattle, Washington
Jane Wong and Josh Fomon hosts writers Feliz Lucia Molina, Amy Lam, and Casandra Lopez.

October 22, 2015
Lit Crawl: A Kundiman Reading, Seattle, Washington
Michelle Peñaloza hosts this event featuring Amy Lam, Neil Aitken, and Rick Barot, all fellows from the annual Kundiman Asian-American literature retreat.

September 6-7, 2014
Mortified, Portland, Oregon
Mortified celebrates stories revealed through the strange and extraordinary things we created as kids. This reading was adapted into a podcast episode

 On Jeremy Lin, diaspora, and white mediocrity, from À Reading.

On Jeremy Lin, diaspora, and white mediocrity, from À Reading.