Backtalk is Bitch Media's feminist response to pop culture and current events podcast. Since 2015, Amy has co-hosted the twice-monthly podcast, chatting about White Feminism™, the latest in binge-worthy television, social justice in professional sports, and everything in between. 

Popaganda digs deeper into the intersection of feminism and culture. Amy has contributed interview segments with artists, writers, actors, and more. 

Comedian Jenny Yang on Fear & Creativity Poet Fatimah Asghar Talks Survival, Language & Diaspora Writer Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib on Being an Insider & Outsider in Punk & Poetry "Turning Japanese" With Cartoonist MariNaomi Actors & Comedians Gaby Dunn and Alison Raskin on Being Experts

Guest appearances on these great podcasts: 
(Please get in touch if you have a show with "racist" in title, obviously.